A primitive technology from the past is born again.

This campaign was created for BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, which licenses its critically-acclaimed footage worldwide for use in movies, television, documentaries, advertising, education, and elsewhere.

The purpose of the ads is to communicate the breadth of the BBC’s content, and to underscore the uniqueness of the brand by being a total visual departure from the creative of other content providers, each of whom invariably shows images pulled from their archives.

BBC Worldwide is known for its technical innovation in delivering high-resolution, pristine quality digital motion imagery, and the campaign makes use of an ancient film-related object (Don’t ask me. It was way before my time.) to ironically underscore the point.

The ads had to convey the message quickly and memorably, yet work visually across dozens of languages and channels with almost no translation, while still conveying the sense of confidence and intelligence which is the essence of the BBC brand.