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I’m a creative director. Copywriting is my strongest talent, but as you’ll see, I also do a lot of design.

I’m fortunate to have won over 300 awards for copywriting and design, including Clios, One Shows, Beldings, London International Television Awards and numerous appearances in Communication Arts annuals. My work’s been featured in Adweek, Advertising Age, Creativity, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. I’ve also been named to Adweek’s All-Star Creative Team and recognized by Adweek as Television Copywriter of the Year.

I mention all this not to sound braggartly, but in the hope these endorsements from our colleagues will help build your confidence that when we work together, you’ll have someone you can rely on.

Most recently, I was Head of Digital for BBC Worldwide/BBC Motion Gallery, based in London. I directed creative, as well as web properties and apps, development and worldwide marketing.

I have two dogs, an unhealthy obsession with typography, and way too many old books for one human being.





The idea is everything. It’s where most creatives drop the ball. Not the good ones. But most.


I’ve worked on both the agency and client side, which gives me an encompassing perspective that’s proven helpful when it comes time to solve problems and manage projects.


A lot of designers can create pretty things. But ask them to conceive an effective strategy then fulfill it visually and you’ll get that deer in the headlights thing.


I’ve worked at Apple and NeXT (Steve Jobs personally hired me). I directed all digital initiatives for BBC Worldwide/BBC Motion Gallery. I have a passion for technology and broad experience to bring to your project.


My Credo

Great advertising transforms what was an interruption into an unexpected delight, and people will love you for that.